Renzetti Craftsman's Rod Lathe
Renzetti Craftsman's Rod Lathe Renzetti Craftsman's Rod Lathe

The Renzetti Rod Lathe is engineered to meet just about any of the creative rod builder's needs and easy to set up and use. It can power wrap in single and multiple threads with precision tension control. A rod can be set up or removed without removing any attachments. This lathe is equipped with an indexing feature at 0,90,180 & 270 degrees for butt wraps. Made of precision aluminum extrusion and machined parts to ensure quality and a lifetime of use. No doubt it is a life time investment but one that you will not regret.

The Craftsman Rod Lathe is the latest lathe we offer and by far one that you will love. For those of you that are familiar with the Renzetti Basic lathe you will see that while most of the accessories are the same the bed extensions have been redesigned to facilitate wrapping without moving any of the components on the top of the bed extension. Components of the rolling carriage and the 8 spool thread feed have been redesigned to accomplish this. These improvement not only saves time but it is very convenient.

A conversion kit is available for our friends with the Basic Rod Lathe.

The Renzetti Craftsman Lathe - CL3000 includes a Head Stock, head stock pulley, 3 Jaw Chuck ( key and Allen wrench included), 3 Bed Extensions with 2 connecting brackets and 2 riser blocks, 2 Rod Supports. 1 Eight-Spool Thread Feed with individual spool tension, 1 Rolling Carriage,1 Motor Belt and 1 Motor Pulley.

To add power to the Rod Lathe please add the 1/10 HP motor, Motor Bracket and Foot Control. Click here, or order the Complete Craftsman Rod Lathe.

The Renzetti Complete Craftsman Lathe - CL3004 , includes the CL3000 plus one extra Rod Support, 1/10HP motor, Motor Bracket and the Foot Control.

Warranty against material and workmanship.

If you are building a bench for your lathe we suggest the minimum clearance of 16" for the rolling carriage/8 spool attachment .

Please allow 4-6 days to ship.

To order any accessories for the lathe please click here:


Made in the USA



 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to