Clouser Minnow Arms
Clouser Minnow Arms Showing Hook Retainer on a Traveler 2300 Series. Vise and tools not included Clouser Minnow Arms Clouser Minnow Arms Clouser Minnow Arms Clouser Minnow Arms Clouser Minnow Arms

The unique design of the Clouser Minnow or any long streamer fly is what prompted us to design the Clouser Minnow Arm. The design of these vises is engineered to facilitate the proper material placement along the hook shank, which is critical for achieving the silhouettes and profiles these patterns require.

The versatility of the Renzetti Vise line is that enables the tyer to have a wide range of accessories to enhance and motivate him or her to continue to explore the art of Fly Tying without having to purchase a new vise. We have designed a Clouser Minnow Arm for each series.

On the Traveler Series, the Clouser Arms are interchangeable with the matching jaw

Renzetti Ambassador Blane Chocklett changed the way we tie today and streamer flies are the most popular and creative flies tied today. With that style tying also comes the need for new material, tools or accessories. Renzetti and RDistribution provide you with both.

The Hook Retainer for the Clouser Arm was designed in collaboration with Renzetti Ambassador, Nick Groves. Ideal for those tying double hook streamers. Photo showing the  Hook Retainer on a Traveler Vise. Vise and or tools not included.  


There could be color variation on the Purple, Blue and Olive Green anodizing, cannot guarantee exact match with existing vise.


 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to