EZBODIES Foam Beetle
EZBODIES Foam Beetle EZBODIES Foam Beetle

A Fly Tyer often spends a lot of time behind the vice tying only a few flies due to their complexity.  EZ Bodies are designed to fit specific hooks and create specific imitations in a short time with unmatched consistency.  Hoppers, Beetles, Gurglers and various popper designs that were not possible in the past are now easy and quick to tie with great success on the water.  All components are precision cut from various types of foam depending on the need


The Crowe Beetle, was developed and popularized by the late John Crowe of Johnstown, PA., and while a killer fly, the foam version offers more durability. These foam bodies are available in black and brown and in #6,#8, and #10.  We recommend Grip Hooks 14723BL

8pcs of foam per pack.