2- ½  Day Comprehensive Fly-Fishing Workshop with  Jon Cave and Bob Clouser
2- ½  Day Comprehensive Fly-Fishing Workshop with  Jon Cave and Bob Clouser 2- ½  Day Comprehensive Fly-Fishing Workshop with  Jon Cave and Bob Clouser 2- ½  Day Comprehensive Fly-Fishing Workshop with  Jon Cave and Bob Clouser

2-½  Day Comprehensive Fly-Fishing Workshop with

Jon Cave and Bob Clouser

Sponsored by Renzetti Inc.

March 18 to March 20, 2022

Renzetti Legacy Ambassadors, Bob Clouser and Jon Cave are teaming up with Renzetti Inc. to present the very best in comprehensive fly-fishing instruction with this unique  2-1/2 day workshop that offers an incredible amount of personal one-on-one attention to a very limited number of students. Instruction focuses on making each student a highly-skilled and more self-sufficient flyfisher. Renzetti Inc. is delighted to support this class, taught by two of our Legacy Ambassadors. This class curriculum fits our Ambassador’s goal, which is, to Teach, Grow and Inspire anglers to perpetuate the art of fly tying and to grow with the sport.

 The course is designed to take both beginning and highly experienced anglers from the fundamentals of fly casting/fishing to the most advanced techniques. Because class size is limited to 10 students, Bob and Jon customize the instruction for each student based on their individual experience, ability, and needs. Emphasis is on lots of close personal attention that is very hands-on.  Consequently, individuals at all skill levels will benefit regardless of their level of experience. Topics covered include various casting strokes; distance casting; casting with accuracy; the double-haul; dealing with wind; throwing better loops; fly tying; problem-solving; equipment; how to determine the best line for you; knots; leader construction (including an in-depth look at the effects that leaders have on casting performance); fly tying, fly selection, a tour of the Renzetti manufacturing facility and a myriad of other subjects will be discussed. Furthermore, the course reviews tactics, strategies, and techniques used to fly-fish for various species in fresh (warm and cold water) and salt waters (flats, near-shore, and offshore).  

Clouser's and Cave's unique and easy-to-understand instruction includes lectures, demonstrations, visual aids, individual video analysis, and lots of patient hands-on experience that culminate in you obtaining a high level of skill and a wealth of practical fly-fishing knowledge. In addition, guests are invited to relax at the end of each day with a favorite beverage while engaging in conversation with Jon, Bob, and Andy and Lily Renzetti.

A signed copy of Jon's Performance Fly Casting and Bob's Clouser Flies is included with each enrollment. We will start on Friday, March 18, 2022, at 6:30 pm with  Cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres reception, and a slide presentation. The following 2 days will begin at 9 AM and end around 4 PM, lunch included on Saturday and Sunday. An intimate dinner with Bob, Jon, and the Renzetti’s will be served under the stars along the Indian River Lagoon on Saturday, March 19, 2022.

 Minimum 8 students. Maximum 10 students, the cost is $850.00. Cancelation after Jan 31, 2022, will incur a 30% fee. Please don’t wait. add to secure your spot.

 This class is currently full, to inquire about scheduling another class at a later date please contact Lily Renzetti via phone or email as listed: 321-267-7705 or Lily@renzetti.com